Tuesday, November 19, 2002

I woke gently this morning, after only brief hours of slumber, to the soft and muffled sounds of an electric shaver. Knowing that this meant the bathroom was occupied, I spent another 10 minutes blissfully napping and lying in bed, enjoying the warmth – a feeling that cannot compare to anything else.

I was even spared the lengthy bus ride; instead, I enjoyed a pleasant and quick car ride. I arrived at work, which happens to be school for most people, and finally managed to make Quark comply and turn into a PDF. It's sent to the client. Now all I have to do is wait for changes.

I hate Quark.

It is a wretched, vile piece of excrement. The industry's dependence on this inferior, sub-par, buggy program is comparable to how most people continue to use Windows – absolute idiocy. Let us only hope that InDesign will continue to gain support and Quark will die quickly, without honour.

Blue Rodeo was brilliant. Absolutely fantastic. And though yesterday my level of coherent, intelligent thought was at an all-time low, I still thoroughly enjoyed the concert.

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