Friday, November 08, 2002

I'm always designing custom desktops at work. So I've decided that I'm going to put these online here so that those of you who know me can indulge in my sick humour. Now, to download an FTP program and get it all figured out...


So I spent $127.33 (after taxes) on a stick of 512 megs of RAM. Now this is a great price, and my gorgeous Quicksilver G4 (appropriately named Mac Monkey) now runs blazingly quickly with 1.2 GIGS of RAM. At least you would think so. So, I install the RAM, boot up, run Photoshop, and it promptly crashes on me. Illustrator? I'm permitted to open one document and then it crashes. Quark? Well Quark is a piece of crap anyway, so I didn't even bother.

So I shut it down – only to get the dreaded Bomb message error, which means that I have to restart manually and then shut it down. So I call my tech support friend Matt, and he tells me the RAM might be bad, but to try switching slots. I do that, and it seems to work. But, last night, I go to shut down, and the freaking bomb shows up again! So, one e-mail to Matt later, it seems that indeed I do have bad RAM. Needless to say, it's time to talk to the bookstore people.

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