Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Design Crazy Madness Fun Stuff!™

I'm working on the poster and visual identity for a conference that's going to happen in London next year some time. The conference is called: "Popular Print: Past & Present, Local & Globlal", and my concept for the poster requires examples of popular print.

One trip with Matt to the Wee Book Inn later...

The most lurid, wretched, raunch harlequin possible. We're talking gold embossed brush script typography, excessive pink, and a title unmatched: Prisoner of Passion. So amazingly sweet. Also? A western, a couple of comics (one of which looks like a Harlequin!), some Japanese magazine, and a magazine called True Confessions.

True Confessions has this very pleasant looking woman on the front cover looking placid and oh-so content. This happy, wonderfuly image is surrounded by the following titles:

"I shot my lover - and I'm glad!"
"Did my husband give me AIDS?"
"A sex goddess is after my man"
"Sex with my brother-in-law: that's the only way my husband can keep his job"


"A Virgin's Nightmare: Raped by the football team"

It's utter trash! Wonderful! Anyway, at the Junque Cellar, Matt and I picked up a copy of Popular Electronics (November 1955) and Profitable Hobbies (June 1953). It was while leafing through these two magazines that I found a treasure trove of retro illustrations and hilarity.

And then, I stumbled across a harsh reality: apparently, I'm obsolete. I found this, scanned the entire ad (the version I've put up is only about a 1/4 of the original), and plan on making it into a nice large scale poster. Anyone want one?