Friday, January 17, 2003

India Update

Attended a Mehendi ceremony last night for the soon to be married bride. This morning was a tour of Delhi, with the old city showing me what third world countries are really like. Finished off the tour with a stop for lunch - amazing food.

Surprisingly cold in the evenings and night. It doesn't help that the houses aren't heated.

Shot a couple of rolls today. The new 80 - 200 2.8 has let me take some great mugging shots - brilliant saris and old brown women make for amazing photos.

Feeling ok, but still a little jetlagged. More later.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Oh-So-Small Update

iPod buying trip was defeated by the Bookstore being closed. Isn't it supposed to be open extended hours during the first week of school? This one's for you Sarah: a pox on them!

Counting Down

Leaving for India (10 days) and Vienna (4 days) in less than a week. Well, this week is almost half done, and I've been working my ass off. Matt and I have a ton of work ahead of us, including the creation of three new websites. Throw in an online journal, a whack of scanning, and a visual identity, and I'm stressing.

While stressing, I've realized a couple of things:

  1. When my software doesn't seem to be working properly, I need a break.
  2. When my software crashes, it's a more direct way of saying that I need a break.
  3. I love OS X – my efficiency is dramatically increased.
  4. I'll never find time to watch the recently-borrowed-from-Matt Devdas, a fantastic piece of Bollywood cinema.
  5. Stress is bad for my skin.
  6. My job spoils me occasionally.*

*Gary drops by today and we talk about a number of things, and the projects that I'm working on. I tell him about my imminent departure to India, and idly muse about getting an iPod due to the crazy number of hours I'm going to be spending flying. Gary, who had come to the decision some time ago, tells me to buy an iPod for the studio and take it with me to India, just so long as he can "download his jazz to it" when we go to Italy.

Hot damn!

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Oh Holy Crap! A friend pointed out to me tonight that I haven't updated in a good long time. As such, here is a

Late Night E-Z Update!

The super sneaky trailer project that I have been working on is online and awesome! My thanks to a friend for his fantastic work on the musical score. I would really appreciate comments, criticism, and all forms of input. You can access the super awesome sexiness here, just follow the very, very obvious link.

Oh yes, and there is a planned redesign for the site coming up. Stay tuned to see garish colour combinations as our hero battles with web colours.