Wednesday, March 26, 2003

A Little Bit of British Popular Culture

So I made a purchase online recently. Last year, when I was in London, I came oh-so incredibly close to buying one. I got as far as the counter in Hamley's, and then cognitive dissonance kicked in, and I walked away empty-handed. Well, being gainfully employed has its benefits, and because I didn't buy myself shoes in Italy, I thought it would be ok to splurge. When my package finally arrived, my childhood dream of owning a Dalek was finally fufilled. Bliss!

My friend asked me to design a t-shirt for an upcoming fashion show which is being held as a fundraiser for the Bachelor of Design graduating class. By the way, if anyone wants tickets for the show this Friday, let me know as it should be a great time! After a little bit of messing around in Illustrator, I came up with two original designs. Have I mentioned I love being a designer?