Friday, April 11, 2003

I left the studio late today with Ian discussing the print process, and the intricacies of silver colour assignment in an offset context. I caught my bus and sat down in the midst of what seemed to be a rather humourous conversation between the driver and a passenger. The driver was relating, with a great sense of animation, about how she had had to deal with a mischievous child. Snippets of the conversation sounded like: "And I look at him and say: "What are you doing?" and he just sits down and looks up at me and he's like "Nothing, nothing.". I tell you!"

It was only after a couple of minutes when the driver said: "I came out of the bathroom, and he's got his paws up on the night table..." that I realized that she was talking about a pet, and not some bratty kid. It struck me, at that moment, that there must come a time in some people's life when they begin to see their pets as family, as friends, and most importantly as human.

I wonder: are these the same people who dress their dogs up in little sweaters? Who buy Christmas presents for their cat?

Here's one last thing: I scanned, edited, colour-corrected and made ready for web four photographs from London. Page should be online tomorrow sometime.

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