Thursday, September 25, 2003

Off to Vancouver for what I hope will be an amazing weekend. I get back into Edmonton on Monday night, and by Thursday night, I'm in Toronto. Throw in a quick trip to New York, and you've got an interesting two and a half half weeks coming up...

Tuesday, September 16, 2003


A couple of weeks ago, I shot with a New York model who was in town briefly.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

*None of the photos are gorey/graphic

Thanks to a small, moulded piece of polycarbonite, I did not die today.

It was a pretty good morning. I woke up relatively easily, had a nice shower, ate breakfast, grabbed some CDs to listen to at work, hopped on my bike and left with a good 10 minutes ahead of schedule.

About a half block away, I decided that, seeing as I was ahead of schedule, I would go back and pack some granola bars. I started braking, turned around and headed back.

Ha. Not really.

Instead, I braked, my wheel hit a patch of sand, my wheel slipped and I fell head first over the handlebars. I hit the ground head first. My head bounced on the pavement, and then the bike came crashing down , the cross bar smacking my head once more, and the handle bar gouging into my abdomen.

I lay on the ground for probably a minute, before a car pulling through the alley passed me and then stopped. The man in the car helped me to my feet, and made sure that I was ok before he left.

I took stock of my situation. My hands looked as though I'd received the stigmata. Both palms were very bloody and torn by the sand and grit. My legs were both bloody (later, I realized that my sprocket had torn up the back of my right leg), and I had a massive bruise on my abdomen.

I limped back to my apartment, tried to clean the cuts, called Hannah** and then went to the medicentre. The staff at the medicentre rushed me in, and I was with a nurse after not even two minutes of waiting.

I'm all cleaned up now, but if I hadn't been wearing my helmet, I'd be a mess. Wear your helmets, kids.

**Fantastic girl. She was almost already in the car, driving to pick me up when she heard I was hurt.