Wednesday, December 31, 2003


I may very well be the owner of a Black and Silver Talking Dalek in 35 minutes. We won't discuss cost. We also won't discuss the fact that I already own a Grey and Black Talking Dalek.

I think I might seriously have a problem.

Monkeys and Daleks.

Though, what if some unholy union could be forged between the two? A Machiavellian mockery of matrimony in the most magnificent, malevolent and malicious manner?

I'm tired and apparently think that excessive alliteration is amusing.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Self-portraits fresh from the shower, as discussed with a friend:

(click for full-sized images)

Monday, December 22, 2003

Extermination You Can Wear

Last Tuesday, Hannah, Ian, Santiago and I rocked out with a silkscreen. Who has a new shirt that totally rules in a global domination kind of way? Oh yeah.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Canuck Invite

In case anyone was interested, here's that other invite. Sadly, I'm not attending this one.

Shag Invite

I did some funny design late last night for a friend's housewarming. It's the second invitation I've created in the past little bit, and both have been a great opportunity to play with aesthetics. She had asked that it be "sleek and modern", so I did a little bit of illustration, based on (in this case, completely copying) the distinctive style of Shag. Anyway, I thought it would be really hilarious if I poked a little bit of fun at the sleek and modern desires of my host. As such, you have a slick, stylish and sexy illustration of slick, stylish and sexy people ON FIRE. It is a housewarming, after all.

And yes, that's my Design Monkey on the side of the building, fighting off a bi-plane. And yes, that's also him on fire on top of the couch.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Last week was absolutely insane, involving little to no sleep and excessive amounts of work.

A summary:

Worked at Club Monaco on Monday and Tuesday for 3 hours each time. Worked Thursday and Friday for 8 and 9 hours respectively. Then polished off the weekend working 6 hours on both Saturday and Sunday.

Not enough? How about that full-time day job? Oh, believe me, it suffered on Thursday and Friday, and that wasn't good. Granted, when your manager who does the scheduling at CM is a high-school graduate with no future and no ambition, you're bound to get worked (ha, ha - like that one big baby shmeesus?) once in a while.

Oh but wait, there's even more. How about a little bit of Harold Pinter? Anyone?


That's right. With plenty of dramatic pauses, this monkey spent far a good number of nights last week (after full shifts at CM no less) rehearsing a scene from Pinter's The Dumb Waiter. The scene went up on Saturday morning, and went very well (apparently), despite the fact that a certain sound effect didn't cue on time and I ended up improvising a good 30 extra seconds of dialogue. By the way Ka, I've gleaned a deeper appreciation and understanding of Drama now.

Busy enough yet? Throw in a Jam Party (of the musical variety) and late night winter hot-tubbing on Saturday night with a home time of 4 am, and then a gingerbread house construction experiment on Sunday night. I use the word experiment because it's very possible that in the next couple of days, the house may deteriorate into cookies...

So it's Monday, and I'm a little sleepy, and my apartment is a complete disaster. How are you?

Monday, December 01, 2003

Feeling more than just a little bit panicky about the resume and cover letter which are supposed to be in the inbox of a very important person of a very important company by 8 am Toronto time.

It doesn't help that I just want to go to sleep.

And I start work at Club Monaco tomorrow.