Thursday, December 11, 2003

Shag Invite

I did some funny design late last night for a friend's housewarming. It's the second invitation I've created in the past little bit, and both have been a great opportunity to play with aesthetics. She had asked that it be "sleek and modern", so I did a little bit of illustration, based on (in this case, completely copying) the distinctive style of Shag. Anyway, I thought it would be really hilarious if I poked a little bit of fun at the sleek and modern desires of my host. As such, you have a slick, stylish and sexy illustration of slick, stylish and sexy people ON FIRE. It is a housewarming, after all.

And yes, that's my Design Monkey on the side of the building, fighting off a bi-plane. And yes, that's also him on fire on top of the couch.