Wednesday, January 28, 2004

You knew it was coming...

Hannah and I were talking about file sharing programs, and I mentioned how the best thing about them was that I could download previously unavailable Dalek episodes.

Hannah: "Dork."

Me: "Yeah. I'm never getting another girlfriend."

Hannah: "Sure you will. And she will come in knobby metal glory saying 'Exterminate'"

Better yet, she full illustrated the scenario for me:

The handsome bachelor is living alone . . . without a female companion, when one day a girl knocks at his apartment door. The dreamy red head from upstairs with the Hassleblad.

'Excuse me', she says shyly, 'Do you you have a toilet plunger I could borrow?'

'Of course' he replies . . .

And it was rubbery plunger love at first sight.


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