Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Good weekend, but a busy one.

On Saturday, I picked up my friend Erika who is visiting from Toronto from the airport. Ate lunch with her and her mom, was somewhat embarassed by her mother's less-than-subtle suggestions about the two of us dating, and then zipped off to help Hannah pack.

Packed, labelled boxes. Packed some more, labelled some more. Went to get the boxes shipped. Weighing, lifting, loading and more labelling.

Going away party for Hannah. Great times which ended in a hot tub and an early morning.

Woke at 9:45 on Sunday. Hit the Studio with Hot Sam so he could capture a bunch of video. Went for lunch with Erika and resisted the temptation to buy a ridiculous number of beautiful, expensive books.

Went back to the studio. Bought books online. Did freelance work. Went over to the parents' place for dinner, left earlier than normal to meet friends.

Only thought about Daleks once. Really.

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