Sunday, April 18, 2004

Great nightlife here. After all, where else can you go and see a show called "The Axis of Awesome" with bands like The Doo W.O.P.s (yes, that's an ethnic acronym slur for Italians), Calculator and the Oral Presentation, and of course, Heino and the SauerKrauts.

Highlights from the evening would have to be "No Gino, No Cry", "Crazy Afro Bush", the beat-boxing skillz of Calculator (the only man I have ever seen who can make a song by having half the audience shout "cocksuck", the other half shout "dicksmack", and his band shout "hey hey"), and Heino in all his glory.

Oh, did I mention that Heino and the SauerKrauts, beside being hysterical, is made up of members of Sloan and the Barenaked Ladies?

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