Monday, April 05, 2004

Made it.

It's been insanity for the past couple of days. I moved Hannah into her new place, which gave me the opportunity to drive a nice chunk of Toronto. Movers came the next day at 7:30 am. My best friend Mike caught the bus down from Kingston to visit and hang out (and coincidentally celebrate his birthday on the 1st). He left yesterday afternoon.

Am currently living in a sea of boxes.

Leaving for Ottawa tomorrow morning to visit my sister and some family friends who are there on vacation from Australia. We're planning a day trip to Montreal, and then back to Ottawa for a bit of the National Gallery. Not a long trip though as I'm shooting a fashion designer's collection this Thursday at the Ryerson fashion show, and I've got to start looking for work as soon as possible. Given that I'm going to be in Ottawa for a good chunk of this week, it looks as though I'll be starting on Monday, April 12th.

Here goes.

More from the Monkey soon, including pics from my brand new Canon Powershot G5 digital.

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