Friday, May 28, 2004

Moving Up in the World

The other day, I found an e-mail from a new reader asking me if I wouldn't mind linking to his t-shirt design site. I know! I'm important enough to be solicited! Anyway, I was pretty surprised as it wasn't from one of the 8 people who I'm aware read my drivel.

The t-shirts are from Cafepress. They're not saucy like a shirt that says: "Blackletter is my Bitch" in pixelicious Blackletter type (that was Tricky Pup's idea from Zedesign's link) or like a wicked awesome Dalek shirt, but hey, not everyone is a type/Dalek geek.

Really interesting though is that my new reader is an accomplished copy-writer. With past employment with Ogilvy-Mather and clients like BMW, P&G, IBM, and Motorola (to name a few), I have to wonder: how did he find me?

And I amused that I might happen to be a weekly read for all sorts of people out there. Hmmmm...maybe I should cut back the number of Dalek posts.


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