Sunday, May 30, 2004

An Old Love

While cleaning my apartment today, I suddenly found myself confronted with an old love. The scribbled notes, numbers long since faded, things I thought important and other bits of sentiment tucked away in a box. It was a shock, and immediately, all the memories of our time together came rushing back to me from the depths of my memory. I remembered the great times we'd shared, the inevitable troubles, how I'd moved on as my needs had changed and how I'd found love in another.

But it hadn't been the same.

New love never seems to be the same as that first love. Maybe it just doesn't work the same way, maybe it's a matter of chemistry, I can't say for sure. But today, I found myself longing for her. Without realizing the implications of what I doing, I had looked for her, found her, and gone out with her.

It was better than I remember. We're going out this coming weekend if all goes well.


Ka said...

Oh geez... please tell me it's not the psycho, Monkey. Anyone but the psycho.

Anonymous said...

I thought he was talking about the camera. - Roman

Design Monkey said...

Hey Ka,

The photo of the Nikon F90X with a HUGE MOFO lens on it didn't make it clear enough? I'm talking about the camera.

Ka said...

Okay, so I'm not very bright. And it was late. And I was hopped up on codeine. And I'm not very bright.