Saturday, May 22, 2004

A Quick Recap

Type Geeks!
My parents were particularly generous to me for my birthday, and bought me the House Industries book (that's a quick photo gallery). It has been an amazing read, in all its 6 colour, overdesigned splendour. Typophiles and designers check that out. You won't be sorry.

Big Hair and Film
I woke up to my hair looking like this, despite a haircut two weeks ago. The mock-badass pose, in case you're wondering, is to remind you that Skinny Monkey is almost complete. Working print 15 was cut up last night, in fact.

Oh, Did I Mention?
That I went to a rooftop variety night at a "loft" in downtown Toronto last night? And that Calculator and the Oral Presentation were on hand to rock out? Pictures here, folks.


Anonymous said...

can you please upload more pictures like the guy on the photo ?

Design Monkey said...

Sure – which photo are you talking about?