Monday, June 21, 2004

Well, That Was a Weekend

Riotous weekend. Started with a pint at 10:30 Saturday night, was at a house party hosted by big time lawyers at 12:30. Met an amazing woman there: 6'1", beautiful features, pale complexion, dark hair, 27 years old, Lithuanian. Excellent taste in clothes, shoes, fashion, wine, and great conversation. Fantastically cool girl. Had planned on asking for her number so I could have a new friend, and then my friend Sumit was suddenly, incredibly, violently and dramatically sick. Took care of him, physically carried him to the cab, out of the cab, hauled him up far too many stairs and got him into bed by 5. Thank God he's a smaller, skinnier (and browner) version of me.

Was woken by him at 10 (he has an annoying habit of always waking up extremely early after having been drunk the night before), and was meeting random hung-over strangers from Winnipeg at breakfast by 11.

Some of you will be relieved to know that I lost my auction for the extremely exploitive limited-edition Dalek. I was outbid by a dollar, but the final price was still 5 dollars less than the normal retail price of $39.95 USD. The only reason I allowed myself to bid, given my current unemployment, was my starting bid of $24 USD was uncontested up until the last 2 hours of the auction.

And I missed the free live performance of the Beastie Boys on Queen Street for the Much Music 2004 Video Awards. Probably for the best though, considering how packed the overhead shots of the streets looked.


Ka said...

"New friend," indeed. A 6'1" tall Lithuanian girl with high cheekbones and a taste for good wine? Methinks the monkey was planning a little smooth brown boy action...

Design Monkey said...

The monkey is always planning some smooth brown boy action. Always!