Friday, July 16, 2004


Back in Toronto after a rather sleepless ten days in Edmonton. Back to find that the renovations which were supposed to happen while I was away did not happen at all. Back to find that some BASTARD jerkwad stole my Brie out of my fridge.

I have my suspects. They will pay.

The Havarti was untouched.


zara said...

NNoooo! Not the Brie!
Dude, I would seriously whip out the kung fu at this point in time.

Ka said...

Ummm... yeah... that would've been me... Struggling to entertain guests in my wee little livingroon, I broke into your apartment while you were away to nick 3/4 of a cup of milk. Saw the Brie, thought "ooooo - six days until he gets back, I can replace it tomorrow" and then completely and utterly forgot about it.

Home late tonight but I'll have a wedge on your doorknob tomorrow after work. And I won't forget this time - the guilt is overwhelming.

Design Monkey said...


And all this time, I considered the scheming, crazed electrician. He was a little off, you know.

All good once more, though the only reason I had the Brie in the first place is because it was nice and cheap in Kensington market - two blocks for 5 dollars.

Ka said...

Ya know, I briefly considered blaming the electrician but my good girl guilt wouldn't have stood it. "A bit off" is an understatement. He apparently cancelled the entire job because I had forgotten to move my furniture on Monday morning (I was out housesitting in Burlington in order to remove my cat from the premises, on his request), despite the fact that (a) he hadn't started on your apartment yet, and (b) he hadn't even finished the outdoor work. In fact, I still don't think he's finished the outside lights. But oh no, he couldn't be sure when I was going to move the furniture (far be it from me to check messages and therefore receive the one from the landlord reminding me) so *poof* everything's going to have to wait until October. I expressed my concern about this illogic thinking to the landlord but she either followed him completely or just didn't care. Or perhaps she was just playing along to be rid of the jerkwad. Anyway. Yes. Me. Brie. Bad.