Thursday, October 21, 2004

Now? Not yet? Still?

These days, I feel as though I still haven't "grown up". Today at work felt like muddling through a particularly difficult class, where the prof isn't quite into your work, and you're trying but it's just not working. I don't have the answers to questions I really thought I should know by now, and I find myself waiting for "real life" to start.

In other news, one of the projects (one which really brought us together in a beautiful display of teamwork and syngergy) that I did with Hannah and Matt at the studio in Edmonton has suddenly become famous on the internet. No, seriously!

Yahoo! picked us for their "Site of the Day" on the 18th, and the hits have been rolling in. We're getting linked all over the place, including this incredibly flattering review here. And then, Matt cried tears of joy as a porn blog put us right above a photo of two lesbians making out.

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Elle said...

I recently read that we aren't finished 'forming' until our 27th year in life. Therefore, you cannot expect to feel at all grown up just yet.

A prof also told me today, looking downtrodden and tired, that, no, it never really gets any easier...

On a happier note, the news of your site is fabulous!