Sunday, November 07, 2004

Concerted Apologies

I have an excuse. I've been exceptionally busy. So busy, in fact, that the monkeys haven't really been appearing on the pages of my sketchbook. So busy, that I haven't done any cool, personal design work. What have I been doing?

1) working long hours
2) going to very chi-chi awards ceremonies with the crew from Oxygen
3) post-ceremony drinking and eating with afore-mentioned crew
4) painting
5) installing electrical
6) spending $837.56 at IKEA
7) creating a rather ingenious suspension system to partition off Hannah's bedroom into a studio
8) painting
9) cleaning
10) transforming my bland, sloppily-painted beige bathroom into a luscious chocolate-brown and white designer's pleasure
11) installing fixtures into afore-mentionted bathroom
12) hanging freshly-painted cabinets
13) building IKEA furniture (bookcase and CD rack done, tomorrow my new bed)
14) finally getting my life together

And there you have it folks. I'll even be able to take photos of my apartment on Wednesday, when it's all done.

But just to reassure you, there will be monkeys soon. And, having been prompted by Hannah, will be filming more Dalek stop-motion movies soon. So you can all relax, because I know you were worried there.

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