Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Another Crappy Post without Daleks, Monkeys, Design or Photo

Yup. You got it. I'm still sick, but now on super-drugs (can you say pills that cost $3.50 each?). I'm headed to Ottawa this weekend to chill, but I'll be back soon enough and there will be real updates. Seriously. I'm busting out the slide scanner and doing it up next weekend.

Oh, did I mention I bought an XBox, a TV and HALO 2? And that getting the TV was a shenanigan? And that when it finally did arrive, it was defective? YEAH. So much for getting the gaming out of my system before my next houseguest arrives.

1 comment:

kelly said...

Not a week ago I was saying to Rhea, "Chris watches movies on his computer, I can't ever imagine him getting a tv!"


That's the sound of my heart breaking.

Just kidding. I hope you are only playing Halo on it though, foo'.