Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Criminal Art

It's not actually criminal, so much as controversial and unconventional.Banksy is an British artist (his stencil work is particularly gorgeous. Love the monkeys wearing sandwich boards. Love 'em.) who happens to skip the usual process involved in getting one's work into galleries. Brilliant.

That's it for a while, kids. I've got some stuff happening that's going to be occupying my time, so I'm sorry that I'll be MIA.


Rhea said...

Hey!! I saw some of his graffiti books at the Tate Modern! Some of his stuff is really hilarious. When you get here we shall go to the Tate and check it out...the books are actually really cheap.

Design Monkey said...

Hurrah, Rhea! I will be getting there on the 28th, so indeed we shall! How exciting!