Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ladies, Please Take Note

Once again, thanks to Matt for his usual brilliance. I'm now accepting orders for the t-shirts:

"Reclusive workaholics are hot."


Rhea said...

Yo! Did you see the Daleks on the newest episode of Dr. Who last night?? Apparently they can FLY now. No escaping those buggers! Plus I saw in the Guardian that you can purchase a Dalek model for 60 pounds. Don't know if you're willing to shell out that money, but knowing you, you probably will.

Design Monkey said...

Oh Rhea! Although the CBC is the exclusive N. American distributor of the new Dr. Who series, they're two weeks behind, and I can't wait that long. I pull the episode off Bit Torrent within hours of its broadcast and Sundays are spent in my bathrobe gleefully watching the Doctor.

Loved the new Dalek episode. More discussion on that later. ;)