Friday, May 27, 2005

On Packing

As I pack my masses of camera gear for my trip, I wondered to myself: is there a Zen of shooting? Where less equipment is better? Where one achieves ultimate photographic perfection by ridding oneself of distractions? Hmm...maybe that should be a Buddhist way of shooting then, not Zen.

Cripes. I apparently need clothes for this trip. Right. Back to packing. And by back, I mean starting.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Damnit, I want a cookie. And I want it NOW.

In conversation tonight, my rather brilliant friend made this comment:

"What is it about interacting with my parents on an adult level that secretly makes me want to throw a tantrum on the floor?"

I couldn't agree more sometimes. Especially when it's 1 in the morning and you're working on a project that said parents sent you at the last possible moment. Mom? Dad? Remember the part where I'm leaving the country on Friday night?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It's Over

Last day at Oxygen was today. All done and gone now, I'm officially unemployed. Why the hell aren't I drunk off my feet? Oh right – that was Friday night for my birthday shenanigans. Besides, had I got drunk tonight, that would have made it three Tuesdays in a row. Hmm...something to be said for that.

Expect lots more monkeys, more Daleks, and maybe even some Skinny Monkey soon. I'll probably redesign my website as well. Oh, and did I mention I leave for London and Italy in a 9 days? Right. About taking trips without having a job...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

More Work

Did I mention I'm also responsible for the new incarnation of the oxygen design + communications site? I realize it's not beautiful CSS and table-less design, but hey, when you've only got a little over 16 hours to make a site, you make do.

Latest Work

My redesign of + stacey brandford photography just went live today. Check it out kids: XML-driven Flash. Oh, and pretty pictures too.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Robert Clark, a professional photographer who's worked with such clients as National Geographic and Time Magazine, is working his way westwards across Canada and the US from Coney Island. He's documenting his trip by shooting exclusively with the new Sony 1.3 megapixel cameraphone.

Check it out.

News from the Front. And Waffles.

Just some news for those who I haven't had a chance to talk to yet.

• I'm soon to be gainfully unemployed. Having quit my job, my last day is the 17th.
• I don't have another job lined up. I'm looking. Feel free to drop me a line: gov @
• Of course, this is somewhat inopportune, as I'm leaving for the UK and Italy on the 27th.
• Birthday plans, this Friday at Cobalt on College Street. Be there!
• No new Dalek stuff. Sorry.

Some of you know of my passion for waffles (shut up!), so there's good news. Thanks to two kind friends, I'm now the proud owner of a beautiful, chromey waffle-maker. Anyone up for brunch this Sunday?

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Best Baby Ever

My niece with my little brother's latest acquisition. She turns 1 in August and it's already begun, proving that my obsession must be genetic. Yes. That's it.