Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It's Over

Last day at Oxygen was today. All done and gone now, I'm officially unemployed. Why the hell aren't I drunk off my feet? Oh right – that was Friday night for my birthday shenanigans. Besides, had I got drunk tonight, that would have made it three Tuesdays in a row. Hmm...something to be said for that.

Expect lots more monkeys, more Daleks, and maybe even some Skinny Monkey soon. I'll probably redesign my website as well. Oh, and did I mention I leave for London and Italy in a 9 days? Right. About taking trips without having a job...


Elle said...

Going on a trip without a job is where it is at.

You can't get down about going back to work, because you don't have one.

If something comes up and you have an amazing opportunity to stay in Italy and never ever leave, you can actually consider the option...

Having a job is overated.

So is getting email.

Bogg said...

Why'd you quit your job? Or get fired, whatever the case may be.

Design Monkey said...

For the record, Roman, I quit my job. Just needed to move on, move up, move out. These days, I'm interested in slightly different aspects of design, not just print, and I think it's time to explore that.

Sarah said...

Not working, as I have said, is nothing but awesome. Let no one tell you otherwise.

He agrees with me.

Also, with all this free time can you redesign sneakery please? I miss it so.

PS Kiss Matt in England for me. Do it in a really good, quiet, "kissing" moment and wait just a few seconds too long to say it's from me.

Squee said...
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Squee said...

It's MEE!!! I was the turkey all along!

I was the turkey!