Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hallway in Vernazza


Design Monkey said...

One of the five towns of Cinque Terra, Vernazza has a little gelateri which is world-renowned for its lemon gelato. I'm sure that the 2 and a half hour hike from Monterosso to Vernazza via goat trails only helped, but it was truly delicious.

Gelato was followed by soaking one's feet in the sea and a phone call to Ian for his birthday. While Leah was busy chatting, I snuck off and shot this, just around the corner from the phone booth.

Sarah said...

Matt and I played "what shape is light like making?" game during evenin' Thames walks. Hmm. Light.

foxynatty said...

Hi sugar,

Glad to see you are ok and that you made it out of the UK alive and well.

Miss you. Let me know when you resurface in Canada and we'll "hit that shit up, old school style"

love always natty
say hi to Matty in London and my good thoughts to the residents of London who are dearer to me than the States ever would be.