Friday, August 12, 2005

A String of Bad Events

Well, it's been a shit week. Work has been insane, with me leaving the studio last night at 3 am. I have tendonitis in both my left bicef, and rotator cuff. I'll need physio. I also managed to seriously cut myself with an Xacto knife (think scalpel), and required five stitches for the newly-created flap in my thumb on Wednesday night.

And now? Scrawl's messed up, in a big big way. All the work from 2003 onwards seems to have disappeared somehow. Style in Progress, the latest update of over 30 images, is gone. The images are still there, but the database entry is gone.

I'll be repairing slowly. Yes, I mean both my thumb and Scrawl.


Sarah said...

I still love you!

(and at least you aren't living with your parents)

Matt said...

Oh man...hang in there, Chris!

(I have to admit the CRC database disaster has me a bit upset too. :-( )