Wednesday, September 14, 2005

From the Ground Up 6 (The Last Part!)

Some final notes, and the image with its parts overlaid to illustrate how it was composited.

- The dirt was dug up with a chunk of concrete (visible at the top left of the mound of dirt) at 1 in the morning, in front of a condo showroom. I still haven't figured out if Elle, who was shot this, was enjoying herself, or just putting up with me when she decided to tag along.

– My apartment hallway isn't as dim as it's shown (hooray for in-camera trickery!), but it's still a little creepy. My laundry room is downright terrifying.

- That's my arm. No thinning/slimming was done - I'm actually that skinny. That said, I did bring out the tendons, veins and creases of my hand. You might also notice that I removed the shadow from my thumb.

- I'd originally wanted to create some kind of contraption to allow this photo to be entirely real, not a Photoshop composite, but we had just under a week to turn this project around, so there wasn't any time.

I'll try and get a photo of the final brochure online soon.


Elle said...

It was fun. Especially the part when the police drove by as C was digging away. Oh yeah, and the fact that he dug three different holes in three different 'locations'. That's dedication!

Matt said...

Dude, I think my old place wins the "creepiest laundry area" award. Luckily you photographed it too. ;-)