Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Scrawl just got an update. Now online is the work of Vancouver-based graffiti artist and illustrator DEDOS.


Doo dee doo. Just a monkey cooking up some hot dogs on the campfire. (I realize this is entirely the wrong season. I really should have given him a toque. Or something. Cut me break, would you? And any resemblance of the firewood to a logo is purely coincidental and something your brain made up to confound you.)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Shouldn't You Be Stealing?

I'm really into mash-ups: the hybrid that results from taking two songs and putting them together with clever sampling, "stereo" effects, volume adjustment... uh... splicing and mashing and what not. I know, I'm super technical today, but bear with me, ok?

Anyway, today happens to be Dean Gray Tuesday, a day of civil disobedience as sites around the world host American Edit, a mashup album of Green Day with various other artists. I've listened to bits and pieces so far, and it's well worth acquiring - especially as Warner has served the DJs with a cease and desist.

Record labels refuse to consider that mash-ups are separate entities, and separate albums. There's plenty of evidence to support the fact that mash-ups at worst don't hurt sales, and at best promote sales of numerous artists at once. But whatever. That's way too technical for me today. Just go download it already.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


After a weekend of running around southern Ontario, I'm back at work, developing some custom typography for a wordmark. More on that one soon.