Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Shouldn't You Be Stealing?

I'm really into mash-ups: the hybrid that results from taking two songs and putting them together with clever sampling, "stereo" effects, volume adjustment... uh... splicing and mashing and what not. I know, I'm super technical today, but bear with me, ok?

Anyway, today happens to be Dean Gray Tuesday, a day of civil disobedience as sites around the world host American Edit, a mashup album of Green Day with various other artists. I've listened to bits and pieces so far, and it's well worth acquiring - especially as Warner has served the DJs with a cease and desist.

Record labels refuse to consider that mash-ups are separate entities, and separate albums. There's plenty of evidence to support the fact that mash-ups at worst don't hurt sales, and at best promote sales of numerous artists at once. But whatever. That's way too technical for me today. Just go download it already.

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Elle said...

Is it on your iPod?