Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Post No Bills

Scrawl just got updated with some new stencil work that appeals to my sense of humour. Hee hee. Bills.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Drawings Rohbuts - Part Two

So my last post detailed the process of taking a sketch of one of my new rohbuts and converting that sketch into a usable digital format. As always, you can click the images for larger versions.

I'd explained up until the point where I had a complete outline of both his solid fill areas, and his overall outline:

Alright! So, working from here, I make all those magenta outlined shapes into black solid shapes. This will be Stompy's outline, and the fill/colour areas will sit on top of it:

Ok, now I'm going to hide that layer so that I can work on the fills and pick some colours. Stompy should be a nice iron red, and his legs and arms will be a blue-gray. I'm keeping his fills as outlines for the moment as I'll need to move bits forwards and backwards (more on that in a bit) later:

Now I can switch the outlines into solid shapes.

When I talked about moving bits forwards and backwards two steps ago, this was the step I was referring to. Here I take Stompy's elbow joints, his hands and his fingers from the original solid black and move them to the layer with the fill colour shapes. This way, when they sit on the black outline, they don't get lost.

Hide the fill layer and here's what that original black outline looks like now that I've taken the joints, hands and fingers out and moved them forwards.

Ok! Make the fill and the solid black layers visible and bam! Stompy's looking pretty good, if not a little nervous about stretching his left leg out like that. He'll get over that once he stomps on some fleshlings.

Couple of last touches. He still needs the lines on his arms and legs to represent the articulation. This is easy because all I do is make that layer (see image from previous post) visible, and change the colour from yellow to black.

Is he done yet? Not quite. I still want to add some reflections to his chest and his legs. Although I haven't completed these last little touches, I have started his legs, as you can tell here.

And keeping with the tradition of the previous post, here's a super-fancy, compli-micated animated GIF of the entire process:

Friday, March 24, 2006

Drawings Rohbuts - Part One

I'm going to put aside hilarious "Bells and Whistles" wits and aristocratic monkeys for a little bit, although I'm still taking submissions for names, and there's still time to win the contest.

On that note, here's a big update about my process in taking a sketchbook drawing and converting it to digital art, so that I can apply it to a variety of projects, one of which may be a stylish new t-shirt. ;)

Some of the images have smaller details, so you can click them for a larger size.

Meet "Stompy". After roughing out an initial pencil line drawing, I ink the lines until I get to this stage. One quick scan later, and you're looking at the drawing as it is in my sketchbook. (Sorry I don't have my early line drawings – I hadn't envisioned this post when I was drawing him.)

Good and all. Now, in Adobe Illustrator, I trace over my inked sketch, creating the magenta lines and shapes.

Here's the tracing, without the original drawing. Fancy, eh?

Alright. Now, because I'd already inked the sketch and given Stompy some thickness to him, I basically have to trace those shapes, which I'll call the "fill shapes".

Alrighty! Got the outline shape, and got the fill shapes. Last step is to trace the lines (in yellow) which represent his articulated arms and legs.

So! Here's all the Illustrator line work, super-imposed over the original sketch. You can see I've made a couple of changes while I worked, in particular to the shape of his left foot.

And just for the hell of it, here's an animated GIF of the entire process. Ooooh! Super-fancy!

Coming up next? Colour and shading! Tune in on Monday!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bells & Whistles, once more

Presented here for you, dear readers, is yet another fascinating and jocular installment of "A Hilarious Whit: Bells and Whistles"! It would seem there is some discombobulation about Mr. Barbisol's signature bowler. How absolutely waggish!

If for some unfortunate reason (pleurisy, or perhaps some trouble with gout), you happened to miss the previous episode, one can access it via telecommunicable computing device and the renowned global network, here.

Author's Note:
This fanciful tale was
originally rendered in classical graphite upon foam core, resulting in a lovely silver metallic appearence. It has since been photographically manipulated to appear as a normal image. As an aside, I would like, once more, to plead my case for continued submissions of a moniker, for which there is a tremendous reward!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

With Respects to Debating

Oh Barbisol! Your mastery of the English language seems to have given you the edge in this particular confabulation!

There have been some excellent submissions as to the name of Barbisol's slightly more polite and dignified counter-part . Pray, good reader, continue your missives!

Friday, March 03, 2006