Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bells & Whistles, once more

Presented here for you, dear readers, is yet another fascinating and jocular installment of "A Hilarious Whit: Bells and Whistles"! It would seem there is some discombobulation about Mr. Barbisol's signature bowler. How absolutely waggish!

If for some unfortunate reason (pleurisy, or perhaps some trouble with gout), you happened to miss the previous episode, one can access it via telecommunicable computing device and the renowned global network, here.

Author's Note:
This fanciful tale was
originally rendered in classical graphite upon foam core, resulting in a lovely silver metallic appearence. It has since been photographically manipulated to appear as a normal image. As an aside, I would like, once more, to plead my case for continued submissions of a moniker, for which there is a tremendous reward!

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update monkey update!