Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Updates and Opera

Having successfully recovered (for the most part) from a rather nasty bit of illness, I thought it might be a change to treat you all to some recent design work, as opposed to various drawings of monkeys, rohbuts, and comics and what not.

I recently conceived and designed the collateral for the Canadian Opera Company's "Operanation" – an annual benefit evening for the kids these days. I'd been listening to a lot of mash-ups, particularly the Kleptones' "A Night at the Hip-Hopera", and thought it would be fitting to create a visual mash-up of traditional operatic elements with modern ones, especially given the tagline of "classic culture for modern people".

Oh yeah, remember this one? Yeah, the client wanted to explore expanding the mash-up idea into multiple executions, so Dr. Faust got the treatment. Like my comment says.


Eric Kleptone said...


Design Monkey said...

What was I thinking? In my haste to get that post up yesterday, I forgot to link to the Kleptones.

Go download "A Night at the Hip-Hopera" here.

Frankly? It's awesome and if you don't like it, you're dumb, tone-deaf and love Britney Spears, assuring yourself that her current public image is just the result of the pressure from "all the haters". You've most likely already downloaded K-Fed's new album and hum "Popozao" to yourself while you wish you were lucky enough to have married the drunken/stoned reprobate/wanker and been his "baby's momma".

Woah. Sorry about that. Just go check out the Kleptones already.

Andrea said...

ha ha - K-Fed. And you know his single. And his dance.

Seriously though, that's sooooogooood. I, a modern person, have now been cultured.