Monday, June 19, 2006

Bells & Whistles, This Being the Fourth Such Episode

Once again, it is a veritable gladness to put forward another installment of Bells & Whistles: A Hilarious Wit! Our titled simian playfellow is back with his proletarian counterpart Mr. Barbisol. It would seem that His Lordship has a proclivity to be somewhat unmindful, no doubt due in part to the strains and pressures of aristocracy. As one will see, this begets the most rollicking consequences!

We feel it imperative to direct our kind and warm readers to the original inspiration for this Wit. The gentlemen at the Penny Arcade presented their original rib-tickling narrative to a number of striplings and lasses. Our interpretation of their drollery was only complemented with the addition of a winsome baby monkey.

If one so desires, the supplementary episodes of Bells & Whistles: A Hilarious Wit! can be found here, here, and here. And, although I fear it is in vain, I must solicit monikers for our aristocratic friend anon.

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