Monday, July 31, 2006

Behind the Scenes of a Bells & Whistles - 1

While drawing the the last installment of Bells & Whistles: A Hilarious Wit!, I documented my process, scanning the comic as I worked on it (hey, it was a slow day and the scanner was right there, ok?). So if you've ever wondered about how that famous simian duo make the transition from paper to screen, wonder no longer! Alternatively, if you're bored at work and surfing the internet, rest assured that at least there'll be an update every day for the next week.

Let's start with the original sketch in its entirety. It's pretty basic at this point. A rough sketch that sets the panels up, early dialogue, all done on scrap paper. When I set about drawing the comic properly, it'll be in my sketchbook.

Here's a detail. A quick gestural drawing, just to establish how the aristocrat greets Barbisol. I don't need much detail here because the aristocrat always seems to say hello the same way.

As you can see, I'd originally planned to have Barbisol sing himself a little tune while waiting to see the new hat. And yes, I did consider having him sing "With a Little Bit o' Luck" from My Fair Lady.

Barbisol's expression took a little bit of work. He was supposed to be resigned (as I noted in my sketch), as if he expected as much from the aristocrat. In the end, I decided to go with him covering his face in both disbelief and resignation. I don't know if it communicates all that, but it's a stronger pose for the character.

More tomorrow!

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