Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Behind the Scenes of a Bells & Whistles - 2

Having gotten my idea out onto paper in the last instalment of these posts, I now head to my sketchbook.

Here's the pencil outline, drawn and inked in my sketchbook. Unfortunately, I don't have a scan of the pencil outline, but you can still see it underneath the ink.

As you can see, despite the outline, things still get moved around. I decided Barbisol should be a little to the left, and shouldn't be quite as tall. His pose also changed so he's extending his arm.

And the aristocrat's pencil sketch is a little crooked (ignore the fact that the ink version makes him even more crooked). I also changed his proportion slightly – he starts lower, but is still the same height.

This detail shows that although I've got the ink outlines in place, I don't fill in the solid areas. I've found that erasing on top of my ink outlines often dulls the richness of the black. So for things like fill areas, I'll lightly erase the pencil and then start filling in solid areas of ink.

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