Saturday, August 05, 2006

Behind the Scenes of a Bells & Whistles - 4

Like I said last time: Scandal!.

Well, not really, I just really enjoy that word. Especially if you imagine a aristocratic Victorian woman saying it, her pince-nez falling from her face just as she faints away daintily, one hand to her brow. Heh. Anyway. What? Monkeys? Right. Ok.

Here's the scandal (heh). Once I've finished inking the drawing and such, I scan it and then (ready for this?), I edit it in Photoshop. Gracious! (Also an excellent word for Victorian women with a predilection to fainting). The edited version are on the right.

Here's a good example. Somewhere in the mess of inking, I completely forgot to draw in a line to represent the aristocrat's mouth. Whoops.

Barbisol's hat gets a trim here. It helps add to his low-brow character. Heh.

Baby Monkey! He gets significantly cuter during retouching. His wonky eye gets trimmed and fixed, and a blemish on his brow gets taken out. Now, if only I'd done something about his slightly egg-shaped head….

This was one of the less retouched comics I've posted. Some of them have had the panels spaced out better, lettering repositioned, sentences broken onto two lines, lines cleaned up, and panels made less crooked. I'll try and post an example from "The Library" to show you exactly what I mean.

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Sarah said...

Imagine a world without Photoshop.