Monday, March 19, 2007

Digging Through the Sketchbook – 2

More random bits from the soon-to-be finished sketchbook. Now with even more rohbuts!!!!!

Ah, the Surly Morning Monkey. People who know me will attest to the fact that this is basically a dead-on self-portrait. If you've never dealt with me first thing in the morning and you think you might have to some day, consider this fair warning.

This guy got buried into some incredibly boring diagrams. I like to think he's either about to crush the diagrams, or that he got loose from another page and he's on a swathe of destruction.

It's true, you know. It is lonely being a rohbut in the snow. Even if you do have a lovely crushing fist.

More tomorrow!


David said...

Ah yes, the morning Chris. How I remember him well :) Remember early morning computing science? Hunh? Remember how I didn't want to go and YOU made me! I'll never forgive you!!! DAMN YOOOUUUU!!!! *sobbing*

Hope you have a happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Mommy, I want to see MORE rohbuts and monkeys. Mommy, where are the more rohbuts? And monkeys. I need more monkeys. R1