Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Good, the Bad, the Disconnected

Doritos has a new television campaign that's airing on TV at the moment, and to be honest I'm taken with it. Of course, part of the reason is that it's an appropriation of the Bollywood aesthetic, which is something I've always enjoyed, particularly when exceptionally well done, as in the case of the Absolut short film "Mulit".

The three ad executions all revolve around a young man's attempts to impress his girlfriend's father. The tie-in is that the new Doritos has three different aspects to it: bold, exotic and sizzlin [sic]. Each execution starts the same way, but differs when the young man chooses one of the three aspects with which to curry (ha!) favour with the father.

I like these ads. They're funny, strange, and there's been great care and attention paid to the casting, art direction and music (particularly the music in the 45 second "Sizzlin" spot, which is hilarious).

These ads end by displaying "". It worked on me. I saw one of the executions, and went to the site hoping to see the rest.

Now, here's what I hate.

You get to the website, and absolutely no part of it relates to the campaign. In fact, just the opposite. Grunge fonts, graffiti, art direction that's entirely foreign, and a weak interface are just some of the problems. Let's not even get into the quality of the animation, which looks like it was done by a 14 year old working in his parent's basement.

I don't understand it. These ads are a great campaign with so much potential for overall design, art direction and execution. They deserve their own microsite, with all the trappings that the Bollywood aesthetic could offer. Instead, the consumer gets a completely generic experience, and the charm of the ads is lost with a barrage of poor Flash animation and inappropriate aesthetic touches like the graffiti and grunge fonts.

Sad, really. Though the otter being offered up as an exotic gift still makes me chuckle.

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