Monday, November 26, 2012

Marketing: vs

Marketing emails: (left) vs. (right)
Given that one of's recent marketing emails was over 4,000 pixels tall (4,665 px, excluding the boilerplate legal and unsubscribe copy), I find it hard to believe that they're curating the best in design objects.

Instead, the riotous visual design of all the colourful objects, models, patterns, textures seems to communicate that they're determined to have me to buy something, anything at all. It's a complete information overload: the subject alone takes up four lines of text and there are over thirty different product images. Hardly curated and hardly relevant.

In stark contrast is's approach, whose emails I happily open and read, if only to dream about one day having a beautiful, spacious couch. A clean, elegant design with attention to white space and specific, carefully chosen information, the focus is clear and obvious.

While I realise that these two companies have slightly different offerings and demographics, it's clear which company is design-centric and which one is focused on making money as quickly as possible.